Market survey China

 Trust a strong expertise for your market survey in China

Market surveys can be conducted for many research projects in China. Various fields are involved: consumption patterns, U&A, Brand Equity, Consumer Insight, Trade Marketing- etc in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other top 50 cities in China.

Our network has covered all over China so that every time if a market survey is required, it will always be easy to realize either in first-tier cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou or second- tier cities such as Harbin, Xian,etc.

Our mission is to enable you to have a more comprehensive understanding of China market, Chinese consumers and consumption patterns in china.

We use our data and information to help you make decisions on entering and expanding in China market. Our team pursues professionalism and our project managers are capable of identifying key drivers of growth and giving operational recommendations.

Tailored methodologies for your market survey projects in China

To conduct a market research in Shanghai, Beijing and other top 50 cities, Daxue Consulting may use various methodologies such as:

▪     Qualitative interviews with market experts: consultants, professors, professionals,

▪     Quantitative interviews with targeted sample of consumers. We work with your staff to determine the best approach and provide valuable and complete data analysis.

▪     Online survey and research

▪     Mobile survey


Our deliveries are designed to provide a complete insight of the market

The recommendations from a market survey in China will be accompanied by a certain number of documents, in particular:

▪     A clear presentation highlighting of the key drivers of growth, with the data and all the information proving these conclusion,

▪     The figures of industry trends highlight, and the elements of a successful marketing plan,

▪     A benchmark of the players in the market with their marketing strategies,

▪     The Marketing Mix adopted: price, localization, POS, etc.

▪     Recommendations on the selection of providers.

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Case study: Customer in the Steel Industry  

One of our clients wanted to have some knowledge about the size of its potential markets in China across different line of business. Actually, many different industries from aluminum to steel have been involved.


Daxue Consulting extensive research put emphasis on requirements of customers. We aim to customize our research to meet every different customer. Firstly, we carried out desk research, which allow us to have a good indication of the numbers of competitors and a deep understanding of the consumer’s profile. We therefore created databases for use in bench marking, customer segmentation, and market analysis. An exhibition and factory checks to verify all the information in the field were followed. We therefore arrived to the best evaluation of the market scale with a deep understanding of the steel market in China for the client best business chances.