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For westerners, the digital market in China can seems very complex. Let’s say it is just unique worldwide! Indeed, all the essential websites in China are almost not used abroad; as major websites we know in western countries are banned in China. But if a foreign brand wants to enter China’s market, its digital presence will be one of the key drivers; and establish such a presence requires making use of the services of a China-based specialized firm. Overview of this specific digital environment with Thibaud Andre, from ChinaMetrix.

Digital presence are crucial in China

According to data from Boston Consulting Group, China reaches about 550 millions of Internet users and nearly 200 million online buyers. It represents a huge potential for foreign companies which want to take advantage of the rising middle class in China.

However, China imposed big restrictions in terms of digital and communication. As everybody knows, all the Internet content is checked by China’s authorities which allow or not the access to every websites. That is why some very popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even The New York Times have been banned from China’s Internet. Also, Google has reached less than 25% of the market share for search engines (more than 90% all over the world). Indeed, China created its own website, most of them really western’s look-alike. Renren is recognized as the Chinese Facebook and Baidu Baike is the Chinese Google for instance.

Then, a foreign company which wants to develop its Branding in China will have to communicate through these websites, by following country’s customs and codes. In China, it means being very active on Social Network (see luxury brands strategy by Forbes).


ChinaMetrix is the leader of firm providing services on digital market in China

China Metrix

In western countries, social network are very popular. But it is nothing compare with China. Indeed, social network in China are crucial; in particular with the outstanding sales of smartphones with 3G technology. For instance, the network Sina Weibo has more than 500 million users registered. These networks are true marketing levers and the Brand accounts are followed actively by millions of users. But in this landscape full of opportunities, the competition is fierce.

To survive in this environment, new comers as foreign companies which do not have strong local knowledge must work in collaboration with expert of this market and of these tools. China Metrix is one of the leaders of the firm providing digital expertise in China today. It has been founded by 3 China-based consultants who came to the same conclusion: technology is not being used to its full potential to assist foreign-brands results. While top-tier strategy firms are too slow in adopting and implementing useful technologies, specialized agencies are unable to focus on the larger goal: improving their client’s revenue and bottom line.

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