Matthieu David Experton for The Financial Time on Fast-Food Market in China

Matthieu David Experton is the founder of Daxue Consulting, a leading market research company in China. He sat down with journalist from the Financial Time to discuss about the current issues of the Fast-Food market in China. 

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Daxue Consulting is specialized in conducting market research using innovative and cost-efficient methodologies during the data collecting process. It is also the only market research firm able to deploy dozens of interviewers, project assistants and data-miners all over China thank to its enormous database of Master, PhD, and MBA candidates all over China; Then Daxue Consulting is renowed for its access to 1st, 2nd and 3rd-tier cities. The firm has served some of the biggest players on China Market such as Samsung, Government of Switzerland and Mexico, Audi or Volkswagen. 

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Fast-food chains tend to rely on food processing companies that can supply standardised products at volume, making it difficult to switch suppliers at short notice.
“A large company normally has more than one supplier, never just one. But the question is, can the alternates replace the volume that has been displaced? That’s where it gets tougher,” said Matthieu David of Daxue Consulting.

Foreign fast-food chains generally have a better reputation among Chinese consumers than do their domestic rivals, but food safety is a constant concern as supply chains have had to scale up quickly while still meeting global standards.


Matthieu David Experton for the Financial Time

Daxue Consulting for The Financial Time