Current situation of tourism industry

According to the research conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics, there is an increasing interest from Chinese people in traveling day by day in recent years. As for the domestic tour, it increased from 20.00% to 34.16% between 2008 and 2014, moreover, the number of overseas tourists has increased by 0.79 million in the same period. Besides, the traveling service income increased from 1,597,750 million RMB to 4,164,450 million RMB and the gross profit increased at a stable rate. Although China ranked 12 out of 113 counties in terms of its natural tour sites in the world, it could not get a high level of recognition of its traveling infrastructure and traveling service as it is ranked 47.

Problems and potential analysis

The existing problems for the traveling industry are as follows. First of all, It focuses less on the restoring and the protection of natural sites as the development of Chinese tourism industry is currently damaging the fauna and flora. From an environmental point of view, the development of sustainable tourism, protection and restoration are crucial but always ignored. The amount of traveling agencies like Kanghui or Chunqiu, remain numerous, there were 26054 travel agencies in China in 2014, but world-class traveling agencies are still rare. For the large scale travel agencies, most of them fail to provide innovate travel service, almost all of them are following the same travel route and arrange the same itineraries for Chinese tourists. For instance, most of  the tour guides are taking tourists to visit the West lake park as long as they plan to travel to Hangzhou and many tourists will visit the Forbidden City once they decide to travel to Beijing, and Putuoshan island for its numerous temples. For small travel agencies, the quality of service and they are under standard management  are the important issues to be improved. Next, the traveling products are familiar from north to south and from east to west as tourists can buy two bracelets with the same design in different historic sites.

Ecotourism in China

Traveling developers should pay more attention to the protection of the natural resources to minimize the restoring cost. For instance for travel agencies, it would be better to update and upgrade the different types of service and cultivate market brand to break the bottleneck. For the travel manufacturing industry, unique souvenirs need to be designed in order to be sell. All in all, innovation need to be brought to the travel industry as it is experiencing a wonderful time in China, besides, the natural resource has to be more protected by professional within the tourism industry, this line could be an opportunity for the professionals of the sector.

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