The number of phone users in China is estimated to reach 563 million for this year. In this country with a population rate of 1.5 million, the mobile phone especially smartphones have been democratized. Smartphones 4G & 3G users represent 674 millions of the population. In the main cities and suburbs, it is common to see people with sophisticated mobile phones, everybody has one. It is explaining why China is the  leader of technologies products consumption but not concerning the production.

However, China is the country with the most internet penetration which means that the majority of the population is connected. It is becoming the larger market of Apple and its revenue has increased to 12.5 billion of dollars only on the Chinese territory.

Mobile phone industry in China

Opportunities in the mobile industry

  •         E-commerce : with such an internet penetration rate, e-commerce platforms are emerging and provide every day more and more opportunities. In fact,  online shopping

extends and people spend less time in the markets. Companies have to define the segmentation of the consumers and the profile of a new consumer who decide to buy like in an online window shop.

  •         Payment & transactions : the mobile payment extends on the Chinese territory.  69% of Chinese  said that they had bought a product with their mobile. Alipay and Tencent completely lead the market but Apple could join the competition.
  •         Advertising : Outlays on mobile ads skyrocket to 15.82 milliards of dollars. It is classified China as the first in this sector. The number of active users on China mobile advertising was around 500 million, much bigger than in the USA. One again, China has the been the largest mobile marketing market in the world.