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The different types of lingerie worldwide

Over the years, lingerie has moved from a status of functional underwear to a more clear trend. Indeed, more and more women appreciate this mode. Whether to be comfortable with yourself or to please his partner, lingerie is now part essential in women’s fashion and it across the world. Of course, the preferences are not the same, and this is due to a variety of settings. Here all it is important to know about different types of lingerie in the world to better understand the subject.

A choice depending on the model offered by major brands

For women with a particular attraction for lingerie, it is impossible to miss the big brands manufacturing. Among the most important, there is such Aubade, Barbara, Lou, Princesse Tam Tam, Chantal Thomass, Implicit, Triumph, or Etam. All offer different models trying to meet the needs of users. Whether about fabric manufacturer or style of lingerie, the choice is very wide. Thus, lace, satin, and other high-quality fabrics will be sought by customers. As for the cut, it can go for the boldest styles to those most chaste. Apart from these criteria, the production of lingerie also plays an important role since it is involved in determining the quality of the latter. Currently, the production of clothing in China / Chinese part of the appreciated by customers given the value for money which is rather satisfactory. After Asia, it is the lingerie produced in Europe that is most consumed.

Lingerie worldwide according to women’s needs

By buying lingerie, especially women tend to respond to a particular need. In most cases, three criteria must be taken into account: the style, comfort, and personalization. Those who have the need to feel attractive are such sensual look to models such as the string or the jumpsuit that are increasingly fashionable. Those seeking comfort and a look neater by cons turn to the simplest facts cotton models. In all cases, specific characteristics are desired by women as padding, size or color to feel as comfortable as possible in his underwear.

Lingerie on different cultures and in different countries

Consumption of lingerie worldwide apart from the woman’s needs is governed by culture and trends in a country. For Europeans and the Americans, for example, is the risqué lingerie that is fashionable. It suits door inside and outside and highlights the bright colors like red or orange. The nude and pastel colors are also attractive. And if before the big size models were not so numerous, major brands will now give heart to joy to offer different models to meet those needs. On the market of the Asian underwear with cons, women appreciate the finer and lighter models. Given their slender forms, women from this part of the world prefer lingerie bulking their shapes and putting their silhouettes value. In all cases, women’s lingerie attracts more and more consumers, and there is even a significant development of the purchases made by men for their wives.