The trend of Interior Design China

Much more than a simple interior decoration arrangement is a storage. And this surely isn’t the Chinese who will contradict. Several things contribute to that Interior is pleasant to live. Consider the space we have, the style you want and all the items that we have. In China more than elsewhere, the interior decoration is an art.

The style of Interior China

For a change of scenery but you can always find the Zen with a Chinese decoration.To do this, you can introduce among your furniture of , but also paintings representing branches of cherry tree in the living room. The suspensions in the paper or the dining table decorated with hand drawings in ink can also delight the eye. The lanterns are typically Chinese decorations which each household in China has. But also the curtains and sheers are certainly details but can have that typical Chinese look by choosing the red and white as the color for example. You can push the experience a bit further by creating a typical Chinese space as the table to eat on the survey China - Interior design in China.jpg

Curtains and sheers, Chinese style

The curtains and sheers (In french Rideaux et voilages) differ in their aspects and their uses. To dress up your windows properly, he must choose his curtains. Style Chinese curtains and curtain is characterized by a particular color worship live, that of the dragon. The curtains above all preserves a piece of the prying eyes of neighbors. But to let in the light you can opt for printed sheers. Curtains allow us to protect the light, the heat from the cold and looks. To do this, you can learn to play with fabrics, overlays lengths. In a living room, the curtains and sheers are major assets of the decoration. For a Chinese style,we suggest a superposition of curtains with the first face the outside, a bordeaux red heavy curtain. One of the Interior in light curtain, white with cherry prints. The whole gives a complete and also makes a more joyful piece. The image of China, you will travel without travel thousands of kilometres. You now play using the Chinese Interior to use curtains and sheers.

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